Apple Classes for Seniors

Simple Practical Apple Lessons for Daily Life

Tired of Others Going Too Fast that Leaves You More Confused?

Have you ever asked for help from your kids or grandkids, only to have them take your device and do things so fast that you don't even know what's happened? Our educators are extremely patient and understand that "repetition is how you learn”. So all our lessons are simple to follow and you can rewatch our training as many times as you like!

What Makes Us Unique

Raihanaty (Rai) A Jalil — Founder & Educator

Our founder, Raihanaty A Jalil, worked for Apple for over 8 years, half of that time as a trainer, teaching thousands of people of all ages how to use Apple products. She brings this experience into our company, ensuring all training is simple and truly relevant to the unique needs of seniors like yourself.

Have you tried attending classes elsewhere but find some are too fast-paced and/or information overload? We pride ourselves in crafting education that is simplified and thus much more enriching. We don’t expect you to remember everything in one go. We want you to master one thing at a time.

Have you ever gone to a class hoping to learn one important thing but by the end of the lesson, your head is full of information you may never use? We aspire to deliver Apple Training that truly benefits you because it’s practical for your daily life.


Over the last 5 years, I have personally dealt with Rai on several occasions in regards to using my Apple products (iPhones, iPads, iMac) as well as during scheduled training sessions (on new products & applications like ‘photos’ etc). I can confirm that she is very knowledgeable regarding Apple products, has excellent communication skills & has a very warm & pleasant personality. She is always eager to help & is honest & sincere in her dealings with clients.
Dr Dilip S
From Perth, Australia
I have attended different classes run by Rai and find her very helpful. In one of the workshops, she helped me put together a photo book for my daughter’s wedding which was a great success. For someone like me who is not as good with technology, she is very patient and clear with her explanations. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking help or just to improve their knowledge/techniques using Apple equipment.
Louise L
From Perth, Australia